Make-up for Television & Film

Price: $350/student (non-refundable/non-transferable)


Instruction (6 hours)

Professional Make-up Brush Kit

Course Textbook: “Make-up Is Just…Colored Dirt”

Make-up Certificate of Completion*

Make Up for Television & Film is suggested for current or aspiring Make-up artists who are interested into expanding their career in to the field of Television, Video and Film. These artists have mastered Beauty Make-up, and/or have completed the Make-up 101 course with Practicum, possess an industry standard portfolio and/or have completed an Industry standard course or degree program.  

Class Description: 

Make-Up for Television and Film covers the Make-up skills required for working in the Film and Television industry.  This course teaches the basics of building your makeup kit to working with the creative team and the moving parts of “set life.” This course hones in on the principles that will guide a successful career in the TV and Film industries.


Make-up for Television & Film Core Competencies

Building a Professional Make-up Kit

On Set: Procedures, Protocols and Logistics

Round Table: Script Analysis & Breakdown

Lighting the Way: Lighting Transitions from stage to HD

Keep it Clean: Make-up Sanitation & Proper Care

Secrets of the Trade

A Whole New World: The Creative Team and Business Etiquette


Classes are taught in the Atelier method, and encourage active participation and feedback from enrolled students.  This class is both lecture and instructional, and will require each student to be prepared with pen/pencil, paper, and any make-up owned (even if it is little or none).