Make up 101: Novice/Beginner Make-up Artist

Price: $350/student (non-refundable/non-transferable)


Instruction (8hours)

Professional Make-up Brush Kit

Make-up Certificate of Completion*

Make-up 101 is suggested for the novice and/or beginner Make-up Artist, and those who are interested in refreshing their knowledge of current industry standards and the latest trends.

Class Description:

A full day hands-on course, designed to develop the industry standard techniques and best practices of Make-up artistry. Students will receive an introductory course in the mediums of: Feature Film, TV (HD), Print Photography, Advertising, High Fashion, Beauty, and Bridal Make-up industries. This course will explore the world of make-up and hone in on key fundamentals that are essential when working professionally in the industry.


Make-up 101 Core Competencies

Facial Anatomy: Understanding and Caring for the Skin

The Function and Application of Make-up: Pores, Overtones, Undertones

The Right Match: Textures, Color Matching, Contrast & Shading

Looks, Trends, and Perfection: Achieving the desired look

Lighting the Way: Lighting Transitions from stage to HD

Intro to Make-up Product Lines

Secrets of the Trade

Keep it Clean: Make-up Sanitation & Proper Care

Becoming a Professional: Introductory course to Business Etiquette


Classes are taught in the Atelier method, and encourage active participation and feedback from enrolled students.  The course provides a platform to understanding make-up in its most basic context. By focusing on the principles of make-up application and its varied components, students will have a heighten appreciation for the artistry, enhanced industry knowledge, and a solid foundation to expand their insight on how to achieve a particular “look”. This class is both lecture and instructional, and will require each student to be prepared with pen/pencil, paper, and any make-up owned (even if it is little or none).